Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh so much to talk about....

Well, it has been a few days....SURPRISE, SURPRISE! Today's post will be a variety of things seeing as it has been a while and alot has been going on.

MMMMM, Steak!    Last Friday night, Emma had her first steak dinner.  She isn't a big meat eater, so i wasn't sure what she would think. To my surprise she liked it! She didn't eat much of it but it was more meat than what she usually eats.

Do I hear friends?!?!
This poor baby! She has been a huge fan of playing in the backyard since the weather has been so nice. Our next door neighbors have three kids (I think), who are older, and Emma always hears them playing in their backyard. The other day I caught here trying to pry open the panels to see them better. She gets so frustrated, upset, and just doesn't understand why she can't play with them!

The Besties!
There are some days in life where you just need your bestie! We haven't seen ours in some time now, and much to our surprise, the LeFevre family, came to visit us! I think we all needed each other.  As we both will probably have some job changes in the near future, it was nice to discuss different scenarios and just have a nice break from life, if you will. 

Theses pictures make me wonder just what is going on in these precious girls' minds. It is crazy to think that they play most of the time without talking, even gibberish.


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