Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Day of Love!

Yesterday, obviously Valentines Day, was a day filled with love for the Joneses. We started the day off with blueberry muffins (doesn't really have to do with love but they are yummy!), then we went on a walk. It was such a beautiful day that our time outside didn't end there. When Emma and I got back from our walk, Emma wanted to play outside. She loves the outdoors! I sat in our "extravagant" lawn furniture, a camping chair, and enjoyed the works of the Lord. I read my Bible and had my quiet time. We then took Daddy a picnic lunch up to the school. Since times have been a little awkward there, we thought we would brighten his day! We enjoyed our short 30 minute lunch with Daddy and headed home for Emma's nap. After nap time, Emma made Doug a homemade Valentines Day card. We also gave daddy a new picture for his classroom. Little did we know that he had a surprise for us! He came home with flowers for me and a teddy bear and balloon for Emma. She is very into both balloons and stuffed animals right now. I can't hardly walk through a store without her wanting one. I guess this is when the begging starts, however, she can't voice it much yet, just more of a fit when she doesn't get it. Haha.

Needless to say, yesterday was a wonderful day, filled with the two of the best things that have ever happened to me. I hope all of you had a great day of love, too!

Don't you love my lawn furniture! Oh, and the cute little girl sitting in the chair! This is the picture that now sits on Daddy's desk at work.

Making Daddy's card!

She wouldn't turn around to get a better pic, so this will have to do.

Until next time....remember, love conquers all!

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  1. LOVE IT!!! I will get mine up today. I will have 3 for 1. I just have to stay awake long enough to get them up and posted!!!