Friday, February 11, 2011

February 1-4


I need to play catch up quite a bit. I decided I would start with the snow days that we had last week. We had four days where we were all at home. As I frequently checked my facebook, it was interesting to see how everyone was so excited about the first and most of the second snow day but by the third and fourth day many were miserable from being inside. I, however, LOVED every single moment of our "surprise vacation"! I can't think of any better way to spend my time off, then to spend it with my family. There aren't many times that we are all off together. Enjoy these captured moments of our time together.

Emma loved looking out our bedroom window to see the snow!

Our little princess!
It was so windy this first morning I almost can't describe it. I felt like I was skydiving...ok, ok not quite that bad! ;)

Day 2, was our cleaning day. Why? I'm not so sure why because the house definitely didn't stay clean. How could I expect it to? We were playing with literally every two that Emma has.  But Emma has recently taken up cleaning. She loves to wipe her face and hands and today she decided that she needed to help Mommy and Daddy dust and sweep. Too cute!

(As you can see, our toys didn't stay put up for long.)

Today, there were a pair of redbirds in the backyard. It's hard to tell in this picture but the contrast of their color and the snow was absolutely gorgeous!
Later, I saw this one (not sure if its the male or female) perched in the tree. Again, I loved the contrast with the green behind the bird.

It's MOOSE! He isn't a huge fan of the snow, you won't be catching him rolling around in it. He would go out long enough to scare the birds away and do his "business" and that would be it.

Here is Emma running around, enjoying the snow!

Day 4
When we first moved to S'ville, we were going to put Emma's bed on the lowest setting, so that we wouldn't have to do it later. One of the four screw holes would not let the screw in all the way. Instead of fixing it at that time, we just lowered it to the next level. Now, we have reached the point where Emma is tall enough that she was attempting to crawl out. We knew we had reached a point that we needed to lower the crib to the last level.
We figured out that there was wood glue in the hole and needed to find a way to chisel it out. Doug tried a few of his tricks but I had the ultimate idea! I used one of my hygiene instruments to remove it. After all, it was pretty much like removing tarter from people teeth, without the blood. HAHA.  So, my idea worked and now Emma can't crawl out of her bed! 

Emma's first PONYTAIL! I can't believe our baby's hair is long enough for a ponytail. I won't put it in one very often yet because it make her look like a little girl more than a baby. :-(  I know, I know...I have to let her grow up sometime, just not yet.

Until next time..."A loving person lives in a loving world.  A hostile person lives in a hostile world. Everyone you meet is your mirror." Ken Keyes, Jr.

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