Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not this girl!

Today, was quite the relaxing day. Not too much going on, which isn't always a bad thing.

For the past few days, Emma has been obsessed with Barney and the Furry Friends DVD that she got for Christmas (Thanks Uncle Derrick and Aunt Terra!). And I mean obsessed. If we aren't playing outside or not at home, the DVD has to be on. On one of the episodes there is a song about cookies. Today, when it comes on, for the 5th time (j/k), she goes into the kitchen, somehow grabs the box of cookies off the counter, and brings them to me. First of all, did I miss something? How in the world is she tall enough to take those of the counter!!!! I am in serious trouble now.  Second of all, how did she know that they were cookies. We don't eat cookies alot and they were left over from this weekend, and she didn't have any then. This child never ceases to amaze me. And of course, I had to give her one!

My next move was a mistake. I let her eat it in the floor while watching Barney. While she was sitting there, I busied myself with something else, only to turn around and see what was left of the cookie crumbled on the floor. I made her pick up the "big" pieces and got the vacuum out for the rest. We have been trying to work on picking up after ourselves!  Since she is into cleaning, she had to help vacuum.

You won't ever hear any one singing the song "Fat Bottom Girls" to Emma (better not anyways). Nope, not this girl! We clearly have a sagging issue! The bad part about this is that these capri's are 12 month pants (and she is 16 months) and with the lack of a booty, she can't keep them up! It just made me smile. Neither Doug, nor I, have a "booty" and that was one thing we always talked about when imagining what are children would look like. I guess we were right.

Until next time....baby don't got back!

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