Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our little stinker!

Keeping Emma out of Moose's food bowl is ALWAYS a battle. Emma thinks that she needs to be by Moose's side when he is eating, put food in his mouth, or show him what to eat. It is just about on a daily basis that I catch her playing in his food bowls. Typically it is the water bowl, since she is obessed with water. The other day I caught her with her face in the water trying to drink like a dog. LOL! I try to keep the door to the pantry closed but obviously I fail! Today I walked in on this.....

 Just look at that precious little smile! She was so proud of herself. I know that it is hard to tell in this picture but she has taken just about every piece of dog food from the food bowl and transferred it to the water bowl that was full of water. I could only laugh at this and ask her "Who is your mama and why isn't she watching you?!" haha. I told Moose that he missed out and should have eaten when he had the chance. Gotta love toddlers! :)

Later this evening, Daddy had the urge to play NCAA football. Somebody wanted to join him! I thought this was too cute, already wanting to be like her daddy. It was good bonding time for the two of them. She loves anything that has buttons!
Until next sure to thank God for something he has blessed you with today!


  1. OMG!!! I laughed out loud at this one. I just pictured her with her head in the water bowl. Madi has taken to eating her food off her tray like a dog, I know, where she got acting like a dog, I will NEVER know!!! LOL!!! Love ya, and I LOVE keeping up with you all!!!

  2. lol, crazy girls but they sure are fun!