Monday, January 10, 2011

Madi's Birthday/Bellybutton

On Saturday, we traveled to the last town that we lived in...Jacksboro. I miss that place...sometimes :) I especially miss the LeFevre family that we left there. Jackie is a coaches wife and she is one of my only friends that really gets ALMOST every aspect of me. (Douglas is the only one who really gets the WHOLE me!) It is crazy because we are so alike but so very different. She taught me a lot while we "coached" together. Like how not to take crap from people and to speak my mind. These are both good qualities, as long as you don't over do it. Haha.

However, Saturday was a special day to celebrate Miss Madi's first birthday. Madi is Emma's bestie, whether they know it or not! She has a super cute ladybug themed party and Jackie did an excellent job on the ladybug cupcakes and cakes. Everyone had a great time playing and catching up!

                                                 The cool girls with matching sunglasses!

Sunday, was a lazy/catch up day. Emma stayed in her pj's all day and Daddy and I found a home for all of Emma's toys in her room. Key words: IN HER ROOM. For the last two months, her toys have taken over our living room. I am a bit of a neat freak (some of which I have had to let go of since Emma's arrival) and her toys were driving me crazy. Our living room is back to normal with a few toys still in there. I know it will never be the way it was pre baby but that is OK!

Today, Monday, Doug had the day off from work. I was a bit jealous in that I couldn't stay home with my two loves. I had to bring home the bacon! :) Emma and Daddy had a wonderful day, staying inside on this chilly day. They wrestled all day! We baked chocolate chip cookies after dinner. Doug and I had milk in our glasses and Emma wanted to drink out of mine. I let her have the last few sips out of a big girl cup. And, as expected, it ended up all over the floor and her. She thought that this was hilarious and poured out the rest that was still left. Again, she just giggled! I took her clothes off and let her run around with a diaper for a bit. As we were sitting on the couch together, she found her BELLYBUTTON! haha, this was hilarious. Then she had to see if mommy and daddy had one as well. Ours are a bit "hidden" but she found them. I love the moments that she discovers something new, the look on her face is priceless! We finished our evening up with the book "Love You Forever." One of my favs, that makes me cry everytime I read it.

That is all for today. Until tomorrow....have a good one!

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  1. I think you may be hooked on blogging!!! FUN HUH??? We loved seeing you all!!!