Saturday, January 8, 2011

Emma's New Ride

Well, last night was the first night to use my new jogging stroller Doug bought me for Christmas. We had been using her everyday stroller when we first started running, as we were waiting for UPS to bring us our new one! The first few times in the old stroller, Emma did fine. However, the last time or so, she was fussing about half way through. The only thing that would make her happy is if I would take out my headphones so that she could listen to the music. I have to say that last night was a successful run!! She loved her new stroller! I did as well! It was so much easier to push and control this stroller. Thank you, love, for my new stroller!!


  1. What kind of stroller did you get?

  2. Jackie-you NEED one!

    Ashley-It is a Joovy Zoom 360-bought online from babies r us. I love it!