Monday, March 14, 2011


So, today I got in trouble for not keeping up with my blog. I know, shame on me!! BUT, there is so much going on lately and I am always so tired once I get home from work, cook dinner, and put Emma to bed. The time just goes waaaay to quick and then it is my bedtime. The long standing joke with our friends is that we always go to bed at 9, which is certainly not true...usually! But the last few weeks I have been so tired that I have been in bed by 9:15. Don't worry, I'm not pregnant. :)

The other day (ok, a couple of weeks ago), I was cooking dinner. And after a few minutes I didn't hear anything coming from Emma. You know when your child stops making noise, that they are probably into something. I quickly finished what I was working on and before I could turn around, I heard running water. Not only did Emma sneak into the bathtub without making a huge "thud," she had also turned the water on. THANKFULLY, she only turns it on enough to get satisfaction from water flow and hasn't turned the hot on yet. So, I walk in there and here she is, sitting, with her clothes on, playing in the water. This girl doesn't have a fear of water...which isn't necessarily a good thing. I learned my lesson from this though. Always, always, shut the bathroom door!

She's got her Momma's taste.
Again, not necessarily a good thing. This girl knows expensive. She has recently taken to carrying a purse. Here, she found mine, which happened to be my Coach purse. She didn't want to put it down! I'm glad I taught her well. ;)
Here is my beautiful baby, climbing trees! Haha, not really of course, but it was the perfect nook for her to sit in. I just love my little angel.
Until next time...hope this pleases the disgruntled. (Kristen) :) Love to all!

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  1. It is OK, but we need FREQUENT updates. Like at least every other day! JK/ Love the update! Waiting to hear about the fridge art!!!